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Old 06-23-2015, 12:37 PM
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Steve Byk
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Default 6/23 ATR: Remembering Dell, Ward, Bravo, Durso, Serling, Delacour

Tuesday ATR..

9:00 Steve Dellinger Appreciation
9:30 Wesley Ward (Undrafted; Acapulco)
10:00 Joe Bravo (Mr. Z; Boot Scootn Daddy)
10:25 John Durso Jr. (Spa '15)
11:00 Andy Serling ($322k C/O)
11:35 Arnaud Delacour (A.P. Indian; Divining Rod)
11:50 Jeremy Plonk (Night School)

Archive, etc.,; SXM replay 6-9a Wednesday..
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Old 06-23-2015, 12:58 PM
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Old 06-23-2015, 01:37 PM
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Nice job Steve!
We've Gone Delirious
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Old 06-23-2015, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by geeker2 View Post
Nice job Steve!
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Old 06-23-2015, 07:46 PM
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Thanks Steve....
"Wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something" - Plato
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