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Originally Posted by -BT- View Post
something just doesn't smell right to me about Mendelssohn. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing win against 2nd and 3rd tier competition, but what was the need to continue riding the horse so hard down the lane if you're up by 15+ lengths. I guess they had a point to prove? I don't get it, and he's this years mystery horse for me.

You don't see the point of riding the horse down the lane like that? Don't horses do this all the time when prepping for a tougher race at a longer distance? You ride a horse out so they get mentally and physically prepared for the future. Nobody was close enough and enough of a challenge to push him so his jockey had to do it on his own. Obviously he could've cantered across the line and gotten little out of the race and it wouldn't have done much for the horse's seasoning since they could've cruised the last furlong. It's 1 3/16, and he ran nearly the same time Rachel ran in the Preakness. Maybe it wasn't necessary to do that much, but he's got a month to freshen up. I don't think it's a problem. It's not like he had a gut buster during the race with the pressure of a speed duel.
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