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Originally Posted by Dahoss View Post
No...but when a filly who runs by appointment only fails to switch leads at the top of the stretch like she has in her 4 prior races I’m thinking we might not get to see her on track too much longer. I hope I’m wrong, but that was not the same horse the final 1/4 as we have seen.

She’s not a two turn horse IMO and I don’t think we’ll ever get to see her run enough to think of her that way. Again, I hope I’m wrong...just trying to be realistic. Do you see Gamine having a long career?

My only point was I’m sure the guy who bought Princess Noor thinks highly of her. Based on her first two she could be any kind. Just seems funny to me to think of a horse in this era as a generational talent when they don’t run enough to warrant it.
Well, that calls for a determination of how much racing (and achievement) is enough to define a horse among its' peers and historically.

Gamine has had a pretty steady season debuting March 7 and then running on May 5, June 20, July 8, Sept 4 (with pandemic issues affecting the spacing between the first 2 starts). If she is going to turn out to be a one turn horse, then she ran quite OK Friday. Owner Peterson likes the action, so as long as she's healthy, she'll run. Baffert is staying in KY through the first part of KEE Sale next week, so we'll get an update later in the month when he gets back to California (assuming CA is still there). If she's directed towards the F&M Sprint, it will be a corker with her v. Serengeti.

Baffert echoed Gary Young's enthusiasm regarding Noor and her prospects on Monday. And to Dan's point, he specifically discussed the quick turnaround from first start to the Debutante and desire/instructions not to ask too much of her. The Chandelier is too soon (9/26), so I'd guess she trains up to the BC J-Fillies. She'll definitely have to speed it up at KEE and you may not get a read on her until next year.

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