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Originally Posted by RHT2004 View Post
Totally agree and that's all Lebron is saying. He is 32 and leads the league in minutes. Its unheard of. He is just saying that he refuses to get to the Finals and get swept by a team who added a league MVP. Its a legit case. They were evenly matched before Durant and Lebron playing like an all time great got it done. Now w/ Durant its different. He realizes they will need help to repeat and that's literally all that matters to him. He has evolved. He knows he has no equal and no one is really close to him. He is chasing Jordan. No one in the game today matters other then GS.
They are the defending champs. They have the highest payroll in the league. They have gotten him all the players he needs. Sometimes you just got to go out and compete and quit whining. Hes the best player in the league with two other all stars and loads of talent on his roster. Suck it up.
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