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SAR Hopeful S (G1): Jackie's Warrior 95 (Maclean's Music) S. Asmussen/J. Rosario
SAR Lure S: Ballagh Rocks 97 (Stormy Atlantic) W. Mott/J. Alvarado
SAR Spinaway S (G1): Vequist 83 (Nyquist) R. Reid/L. Saez
SAR Honorable Miss H (G2): Come Dancing 95 (Malibu Moon) C. Martin/I. Ortiz
SAR Lucky Coin S: Battle Station 94 (Warrior's Reward) R. Atras/K. Carmouche

DMR Del Mar Debutante S (G1): Princess Noor 79 (Not This Time) B. Baffert/V. Espinoza
DMR Del Mar Derby (G2): Pixelate 88 (City Zip) M. Stidham/U. Rispoli
DMR Del Mar Futurity (G1): Dr. Schivel 74 (Violence) L. Mendez/F. Prat
DMR Del Mar Juvenile Turf S: Big Fish 67 (Mr. Big) D. Hofmans/V. Espinoza
DMR Juvenile Fillies Turf S: Madone 64 (Vancouver-AUS) S. Callaghan/F. Prat

KD Tourist Mile S: Flavius 103 (War Front) C. Brown/J. Castellano
KD More Than Ready Juvenile S: Barrister Tom 71 (Artie Schiller) M. Ewing/T. Baze
KD Mint Juvenile Fillies S: Plum Ali 71 (First Samurai) C. Clement/T. Gaffalione
KD One Dreamer S: Dalika-GER 89 (Pastorius-GER) A. Stall/M. Mena

LRL Laurel Dash S: Completed Pass 91 (Pass Rush) C. Gonzalez/A. Cruz
LRL Henry S. Clark S: Doctor Mounty 91 (Street Sense) C. McGaughey/F. Boyce
LRL Federico Tesio S: Happy Saver 94 (Super Saver) T. Pletcher/T. McCarthy
LRL Weber City Miss S: Grand Cru Classe 81 (Bernardini) W. Mott/J. Pimentel
LRL All Along S: Nay Lady Nay-IRE 96 (No Nay Never) C. Brown/V. Carrasco

MTH Sorority S: Mischievous Dream 58 (Into Mischief) C. Clement/J. Bravo
MTH Sapling S: Waist Deep 71 (Oxbow) A. Farrior/J. Vargas

GP Monroe S: Always Shopping 83 (Awesome Again) T. Pletcher/E. Zayas
GP Mr. Steele S: Sailing Solo 94 (Smart Strike) L. Roussel/E. Prado
GP Benny The Bull S: Noble Drama 95 (Gone Astray) D. Fawkes/H. Berrios
GP Sheer Drama S: Heiressall 87 (Wildcat Heir) T. Pompay/M. Vasquez

PRX Banjo Picker Sprint S: Midtowncharlybrown 85 (Uptowncharlybrown) E. Coletti/R. Rosado
PRX Mrs. Penny S: Its a Journey 78 (Jump Start) J. Ness/M. Sanchez
PRX Storm Cat S: Wait for It 97 (Uptowncharlybrown) E. Coletti/A. Nunez
PRX Marshall Jenney H: The Critical Way 91 (Tizway) J. Delgado/R. Silvera
PRX Dr. Garofalo Memorial S: Pink Caddy 81 (El Padrino) R. Allen/M. Sanchez

GG Rolling Green S: Camino Del Paraiso 97 (Suances-GB) O. Jauregui/C. Martinez
All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind. -- Joseph Conrad
A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right. -- Thomas Paine

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