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Originally Posted by _ed_ View Post
Oh my gosh, and Provocative too! So, so proud. My love of racing has been restored.
I'm glad!

Back from Hawaii, it was frigging AWESOME and moved my Adriatic cruise (leaving from Venice and across the Adriatic to Rovinj, Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia), Bay of Kotor (Montenegro), and then down and around through Sicily and Italy (strait of Messina,Giardini Naxos, Capri, etc) and back up on the other side of Italy again then flying back to Croatia (Zagreb) and might head up to Ljubljana (Slovenia)... moved England to later in the year so be back by the Fall or Spring there. I am taking my extended break from horsies but will check when back and hope there are nice updates on Iamishwara etc. Honestly the one day I did decide to look at horsie stuff I saw that Align had died and just thought oh... I am happier spending the summer not reading any of it at all.

I will be back to my addiction in a couple of months, my friend, so continued good luck and affection to you.
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